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EFISA began operations in Queretaro city in 2005 under the significant increasing demand of thermal transfer labels and printed labels by flexographic process, and moved by the objective to become the best local and regional supplier for automotive market, electronic devices, textil, food and general consumer, focused to be an enterprise with more important participation into the market. EFISA started operations with a core business based on flexographic process and also developing materials in offset printing process as a complement for strategic and potential business.

We think in make and live our company leaded by a creative and genuine ideology, based on principles of universal application, doing honest and fair commercial and labor relationship that let us to keep our responsibility with our community and environment, ensuring that every member of EFISA has an assertive performance in the company and promoting the same application in their personal life.


    We are conviced that the aply of this philosophy and leadership will lead us always to get our mision and all the goals we identify becoming a company with a new concept of High Effectivity Performance.

    Simply provide the best products and professional customer care enclosed, looking for long term comercial relationship and ensure win-win, business that allow the permanence and growth of our company.

Our productive plant is equiped with the basic structure and the best machinery brands.

1 MARK ANDY 830 equiped with 4 stations and anilox rollers
1 Electronic spool machine to deliver rolls with exactly quantity as customer required
224 die cut different sizes on inventory

1 HEILDBERG at 65x45cm printing size capacity
2 CHIEF 115
2 Automatic blending machine
1 Máquina de folio industrial.

We have developed an strategic supply chain with the best OEM of all our raw materials, equipments and miscellaneous components, therefore having the ways to offer competitive prices and technical support. For automotive customers we have implemented PPAP program and we are available to develop as required, in addition we are in process to implement and certificate a Quality Management System.

Privada 5 de febrero #18 Col. San Pablo, C.P. 76130, Queretaro , Qro.

T. 01 (442) 217 88 29 - 01 (442) 210 16 13 C. fermin.venegas@efisamex.com